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Mon, May 21, 2018 05:44PM
Turbo Download
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Step One:
Click on the turbo bottom link to start the Turbo Download. The estimated time of download is 5 minutes over a dialup connection.
Step Two:
Select save from the options when prompted by the file download dialog box.
Step 1
Step Three:
When the Save As dialog box appears, select the folder where you wish to save the "AwesomeNet.EXE" program. For ease of locating the program after download we suggest you save it to your desktop.

Once you have selected the folder to save in, click the save button.
Step 2
Step Four:
When the download complete dialog box appears select Run.
Step 3
Step Five:
When the Internet Explorer Security Warning dialog box appears select Run.
Step 4

Step Six:

When you see the Welcome to Turbo! dialog box please read the Terms and Conditions of use.

If you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the AwesomeNet Turbo Software select the I Accept button.
Step 5
Step Seven:
Wait while the AwesomeNet Turbo Software installs onto your computer.
Step 6
Step Eight:
Close any other running programs. When the AwesomeNet Accelerator Setup dialog box appears, click the next button.
Step 7
Step Nine:
When prompted, enter your user name and password and click the next button.
Step 8
Step Ten:
We suggest you select both Block pop-ups and Enable Ad Blocking in the appropriate check boxes.  When you have finished selecting options, press the Install button.
Step 9
Step Eleven:
Put a check in I want to restart my computer now and click the OK button.

This will complete the installation process.
Step 10

If you need further assistance with the installation of
AwesomeNet Turbo Software,
please contact Technical Support at:

Monday thru Friday 9AM-10PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM

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