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What is Turbo
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AwesomeNet Turbo is the answer for home and small business high speed internet access at dialup prices.

AwesomeNet Turbo technology makes an ordinary dial-up connection perform up to six times faster.  Also, unlike most accelerators, our compression software increases speed with only minimal change in image quality.  AwesomeNet Turbo installs and configures itself on your system automatically and is capable of self-repair.

AwesomeNet Turbo provides compression for web pages, animated images, documents and http headers.  Each data type is compressed using the optimal scheme for that data type insuring proper compression.

AwesomeNet Turbo is true Virtual Broadband, loading web pages and downloading email at DSL-like speed over a low-cost dial-up connection.

AwesomeNet Turbo goes beyond competitive products that simply "tweak" Windows network settings to provide a speed boost or caching products that speed up only frequently visited web pages.

AwesomeNet Turbo supports Microsoft operating systems including: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP Professional.  AwesomeNet Turbo works with all the major browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla.  You can also use AwesomeNet Turbo with E-mail clients such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

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Banner and Ad Blocking
Are you tired of the constant intrusion of Internet Advertising?  AwesomeNet Turbo blocks these annoying ads to enhance your Internet experience and speed up the delivery of your requested information.
UltraSecure Firewall
AwesomeNet Turbo's UltraSecure firewall and security features provide the complete coverage required to protect your PC from unauthorized access.  The UltraSecure Firewall blocks unwanted access from the internet.  With its stealth mode operation, prying eyes from the Internet do not even know that your computer is there, so hackers move onto an easier target.
Image Acceleration
AwesomeNet Turbo accelerates web browsing, web-based file transfers, uploading and downloading of all native FTP file transfers, and all types of email from simple web-based email systems like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail systems to POP3 and SMTP based email systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Exchange.  Additionally, email attachments including Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and others will also be accelerated.
Enhanced Parental Controls
AwesomeNet Turbo now supports both "white lists" and "black lists".  For example, you can choose a "walled garden" approach where parents simply create a list of all the sites their children can visit or you can take the opposite approach and create a list of restricted sites that you do not want your children to access.
Automatic Updates
Uninstalling old versions of software and reinstalling new ones are time consuming and often frustrating.  With AwesomeNet Turbo, your software is always current.  That's because it is self-updating.  Each day when you first start AwesomeNet Turbo, it will check to see if any updates or new features ar available.  If there are, you can immediately upgrade your product or you can choose to do it at a later time.  Updates include only components of the product that have changed, so updates are completed quickly.

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